Friday, March 11, 2011

507 renfro street

we are moving to dallas in the summer, after we graduate, to start my husband's job in august.  i am excited to start our real adult life.  it is also a little surreal.  but one of the best parts about moving...means a new place to live!  in reality we are looking to rent an apartment downtown for a little while. i am excited about renting an apartment... we are looking at lofts in old converted industrial buildings and factories, the kinds of places with exposed bricks and ductwork, concrete floors, etc. all of this is very exciting to me, and i know that this is the only time of our lives when living downtown in a big city and living in a small apartment will be realistic AND practical.

but.  there's another part of me that wants to skip the downtown experience all together, and get into a house. i understand the practicalities of living downtown, and it makes sense, and i'm happy to. but i can't help but look at the real estate available in our potential price range.  i drive my husband crazy doing this...but i can't help it. every few months (this has gone on for over a year) i find a great little house, the kind that i-want-right-now-and-i-can't-live-without-it-and-it's-perfect-for-a-million-different-reasons. of course, we can't do anything about it right now.  but now that the move is actually in this calendar year, it's tempting.

so anyway, the point of all this yada yada, is that i found a new favorite house this past week.  meet my friend on 507 renfro street. (all pictures from

doesn't it just look like home? 
so picturesque
and i love the trees

the pros:

-half an acre lot
-price is very reasonable, would cost us less than renting
-new siding
-4 bed
-2 1/2 bath
-1856 sq. ft -- fine for a starter home
-features a "workshop" (unsure of what this is but it sounds like a pro)
-original wood floors
-it is not the typical blah house that you see so many of around this part of dallas in our price range
-under 30 min. commute for the mister (based on google map search)

the cons: (this is a good exercise for me since my house love is blind)

-priced low enough that i'm a little worried about the neighborhood. and even if there are nice people there, would there be any families under 65 yr. old?
-there are no interior photos. that leaves me to wonder a lot.  
-no clue if there are any structural/major issues with the house
-i do not think this house has a front door. ha ha, all i can make out from the photos is a little red side door. kinda weird i must admit. [see photo 2]

as you can see,
there are not many cons. i am in loooovveee with this little old place.

i hope that no one notices this little place for the next 5 months....that we automatically are approved for a home loan, that the whole process goes flawlessly, and that we have our first christmas in dallas in this little place.  oh yeah, and somewhere in there, i have to convince my husband of all of this.
i have my work cut out for me.

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