Saturday, January 26, 2013

do you like rocket ship sweatshirts covered in slobber?

i do!  especially this one since i made the stamp and printed it and it turned out better than i expected.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

KCWC: wrap up

all in all, it was a good week of sewing.  of course i am not done, but when i look at this i have to say i made a lot for the babe these past 7 days. what a fun challenge and way to be inspired by all these handmade kids clothes.

i got a few questions about patterns/ there something you would especially like to see a tutorial for? leave a comment and i will try to work on it!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

kcwc: days six & seven

yesterday i sewed but didn't do the photos/posting. i made caramel apples instead :) so today is catch up!
 i made another little hoodie dress for avie.  they are so perfect for fall (and probably texas winters as well).
i used my placket hoodie pattern and added another (slightly ruffled) piece to make it a dress.
the fabric is from here and is so soft and stretchy and i love it.
the middle of october isn't too early to start coordinating outfits with santa claus, is it??
and then i made about 1 million pairs (give or take) of leggings in every color.
 leggings are quick and easy..but making 8 pairs took me a long time! i have actually been slowly working on these all week, and just finished them all.
 they were a real pain but now getting avery dressed will be so much easier.  my true motive was not having to do laundry as often, but that was obvious from the start.
kcwc may be over, but i am not even close to finishing my checklist! so i will's an update:
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Friday, October 12, 2012

kcwc: day five

first i made this little striped top for aves. i think the black and white looks kinda sophisticated.  i'm sending her to boarding school in paris next week :) she'd fit right in with these little parisian stripes.
only shot i got of her, but see? it's cute.  the fabric is this cotton spandex so it stretches over her head like a dream.
then i made these little starry sweatpants for her as well. they won't fit til she's about 4 ft tall, but other than that they are great! ha ha i should probably just shorten them.
 i did a little faux drawstring-- side note. my husband always ties drawstrings in a bow. i like to let them hang down, and he thinks it's crazy.  can anyone weigh in on this subject?? 
 i hand painted these little stars and i have to say i was pleased.  i'm sometimes not big on stars but these tall skinny ones kind of get me. i got the idea from bobo of course.

and the updated list!

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kcwc: day four

day four was this colorblock cardi.  it is still pretty big so i didn't get pics on my cute little model.
 i took my inspiration pretty literally (but it is no longer sold so i don't feel too bad...) from country road, which has amazing things!
it is kinda hard to see the difference, but there are two different colors! 
 and here are the sleeves with a wide cuff and a button tab...
 the pleat and the dropped shoulder might be my favorite part. 
 just a little closeup at my crazy stitching ha.

color blocking: check.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

KCWC: day three

day three.
something polka dotted: check.  
should have put "the puffy shirt" on the checklist and she could match jerry seinfeld while i'd check another off my list...a win-win! 
me and avie
my favorite detail is the back with the button closure.
and the updated checklist:

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

kcwc: day two

day two was a quick little outfit. this girl gets spoiled as she is my only baby to sew for so far. (sew for so far, that is truly a tongue twister ha) 
 i made this two tone stripe shirt and peach leggings.
 overlapping (envelope style? onesie type?) neckline for easy on and off.
 and a little contrasting pocket. perfectly impractical as avery has no clue it even exists.
 i actually made like 8 pairs of these leggings that i will show when i get all the elastic in.
 tabs on the sleeves, one of my favorites
love her little legs in these.

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