Friday, October 12, 2012

kcwc: day five

first i made this little striped top for aves. i think the black and white looks kinda sophisticated.  i'm sending her to boarding school in paris next week :) she'd fit right in with these little parisian stripes.
only shot i got of her, but see? it's cute.  the fabric is this cotton spandex so it stretches over her head like a dream.
then i made these little starry sweatpants for her as well. they won't fit til she's about 4 ft tall, but other than that they are great! ha ha i should probably just shorten them.
 i did a little faux drawstring-- side note. my husband always ties drawstrings in a bow. i like to let them hang down, and he thinks it's crazy.  can anyone weigh in on this subject?? 
 i hand painted these little stars and i have to say i was pleased.  i'm sometimes not big on stars but these tall skinny ones kind of get me. i got the idea from bobo of course.

and the updated list!

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