Saturday, September 29, 2012

sampling of hoodies

i have been busy sewing a myriad of hoodies for my little etsy shop, the stamp collection.  
 the 'big button hoodie' dress
raglan in navy
 lightweight striped hoodie
 raglan in heather cream

raglan in green
raglan with a snap placket!  this one with the snaps was a gift for a friend, and the first time i had tried doing a snap placket.. i like that i have so many color options with the KAM snaps and do like how it turned out.  i'll have to try some more.  some close ups:
 which do you like better, buttons or snaps?
 and what color combos would you like to see?

simple painted coasters

 feeling neglected?
sick of the cold table under their bare bottoms?
in need of a stylish accessory?


cork coasters
acrylic paint

nothing to it. buy a 6 pack of coasters from hobby lobby ($2.77 and if you use a 40% off coupon, they practically give them to you.)  then tape off a geometric pattern, choose a color scheme, and paint with acrylic (i mixed with gesso and water for some of the subdued/translucent colors).  i chose to leave some of the cork showing.  the possibilities here are endless. how many coasters do you think one apartment needs??

this would also be a quick little gift idea...and depending on your design, i happen to think they can look pretty cool.

some close ups

 and here are the little guys in action:

my cups have never been so pleased.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

4 before 2013

i love this challenge from a beautiful mess.  i have a goal to be a better goal maker, ha. and this prompt is the perfect combination of attainable/motivating/low pressure.

the idea is to make 4 goals to work on before the end of 2012.  they are supposed to be activity based-life enriching goals, rather than result oriented.  you blog about them and set a reward when you complete them.  i can get on board with that.  

i am going to try to develop four [simple?] new habits by the time 2013 rolls around.  here goes nothin.

 my life, projects, goals, etc.  through photos, blogging, journal writing. my life is going by, and i am going to want to remember it someday.

i seriously need to reduce the stress level in my life.  i want to develop the habit of doing things on time....early even.  get more diapers after i use the last one, rather than while i have a screaming baby waiting on the changing table for me. unload the dishwasher the night before. be early to meet friends. basic life skills i need to master :)

(is routined even a word?) i am kinda a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants girl.  i've always liked being like that.  but i have 16 pounds of scooting, giggling baby that needs me to get on a routine. and when she doesn't take a nap for 6 days in a row, i don't care if i never fly by those pants-seat again. i just want a routine.  we have been working on it and i have started to see some magic. (plus, i have to have a routine to break!)

the usual.. get enough sleep, eat healthy and happy [for me that means desserts] and get some exercise.  specifically i want to get back into the hang of green smoothies. AND i want to start rollerblading!!!  somebody send a sniper to get me if i haven't rolled down a sidewalk or two by january.

i will be back regularly to talk progress and rewards.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

color blind

...does anyone know where i can get a few gray and white tops? my wardrobe is obviously lacking that basic.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a quick wrapping formula

kraft paper + white paper + initial + string + (optional) washi

if only choosing the gift inside was so easy.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

overdue baby announcement

most moms do an announcement when their baby is born....
i prefer to wait until they're closer to toddler than infant. ha, i think she was around 3 months in this pic.

here is the simple baby announcement we sent out:

the rundown:

-water colored flowers + name
-arranged and added text
-quick photoshoot (it helps when the baby is old enough to prop herself up in front of a window)
-made the words + pic into one jpeg to upload
-got them printed at costco [6x7 1/2 photo greeting cards, envelopes included] because it was an inexpensive option. i should add i did a test before printing the whole batch because costco's prints look very different than the photos do on my computer screen
-tied some bakers twine in a bow...
-after sealing, i used a little washi tape on the envelope flap

(now this little babe is a silly little 7 month old-crawling-teething-machine)

as for the blog announcement.....

I'M GOING TO START BLOGGING.  i am radical, blogging on a blog.  

but seriously, i am in a little better mom-rhythm and have been working on lots of projects.  i love to read blogs, i love to make things, and i really think i will enjoy the routine of posting regularly once i get in the habit.  so i come! :)