Saturday, September 29, 2012

simple painted coasters

 feeling neglected?
sick of the cold table under their bare bottoms?
in need of a stylish accessory?


cork coasters
acrylic paint

nothing to it. buy a 6 pack of coasters from hobby lobby ($2.77 and if you use a 40% off coupon, they practically give them to you.)  then tape off a geometric pattern, choose a color scheme, and paint with acrylic (i mixed with gesso and water for some of the subdued/translucent colors).  i chose to leave some of the cork showing.  the possibilities here are endless. how many coasters do you think one apartment needs??

this would also be a quick little gift idea...and depending on your design, i happen to think they can look pretty cool.

some close ups

 and here are the little guys in action:

my cups have never been so pleased.

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