Tuesday, September 4, 2012

overdue baby announcement

most moms do an announcement when their baby is born....
i prefer to wait until they're closer to toddler than infant. ha, i think she was around 3 months in this pic.

here is the simple baby announcement we sent out:

the rundown:

-water colored flowers + name
-arranged and added text
-quick photoshoot (it helps when the baby is old enough to prop herself up in front of a window)
-made the words + pic into one jpeg to upload
-got them printed at costco [6x7 1/2 photo greeting cards, envelopes included] because it was an inexpensive option. i should add i did a test before printing the whole batch because costco's prints look very different than the photos do on my computer screen
-tied some bakers twine in a bow...
-after sealing, i used a little washi tape on the envelope flap

(now this little babe is a silly little 7 month old-crawling-teething-machine)

as for the blog announcement.....

I'M GOING TO START BLOGGING.  i am radical, blogging on a blog.  

but seriously, i am in a little better mom-rhythm and have been working on lots of projects.  i love to read blogs, i love to make things, and i really think i will enjoy the routine of posting regularly once i get in the habit.  so blogworld..here i come! :)

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