Sunday, October 14, 2012

kcwc: days six & seven

yesterday i sewed but didn't do the photos/posting. i made caramel apples instead :) so today is catch up!
 i made another little hoodie dress for avie.  they are so perfect for fall (and probably texas winters as well).
i used my placket hoodie pattern and added another (slightly ruffled) piece to make it a dress.
the fabric is from here and is so soft and stretchy and i love it.
the middle of october isn't too early to start coordinating outfits with santa claus, is it??
and then i made about 1 million pairs (give or take) of leggings in every color.
 leggings are quick and easy..but making 8 pairs took me a long time! i have actually been slowly working on these all week, and just finished them all.
 they were a real pain but now getting avery dressed will be so much easier.  my true motive was not having to do laundry as often, but that was obvious from the start.
kcwc may be over, but i am not even close to finishing my checklist! so i will's an update:
want more kcwc? 


  1. the hoodie is so cute- and I LOVE the array of colors of leggings that you got done - I need a few (hundred) more pairs for baby girl... I can already tell they will be a fall, winter, and most likely spring essential.

  2. all of it is adorable! I clicked the link for the fabric you bought, and it's on super sale right now. Hmmm......

  3. First off, I didn't know you had a blog - but its fantastic! She is adorable! And wow, can't believe you sewed all those. You are super talented.