Friday, October 21, 2011

master list of gift ideas

gift set ideas

1. painted round cork coasters w/ bottle martinelli's
(paint w/ polka dot effect using stencil made from binder hole reinforcement and sponge brush?)
2. recipe box w/ finished printed recipe cards (laminated?)
3. apron w/ recipe (or baking implement, cupcake kit, etc.)
4. apron in a jar "recipe"
5. hot pads set w/ baking implement
6. doily clock? kit?
7. 3 terra cotta plants, soil?, 3 seed balls, 3 garden markers kit
8. baby onesie, pacifier clip, leggings, bibs, diaper cover, etc.
9. baby foot stamp kit--shadow box? design. $1 stamps from michael's?
10. at christmas time, small polaroid style calendar
11. wrap soaps and give in glass jar, give w/ washcloth set
12. liquid hand soap + lotion set w/ homemade dish towels
13. placemats w/ dish set
14. buy skillet, give w/ homemade hot pads
15. dottie angel style permanent birth announcement
16. zookie dishes w/ recipe (and homemade potholders?)
17. cupcake kit
18. gift wrapping set
19. stationary set
20. terra cotta + bell jar terranium (or plate, bell jar, and bird/other trinket under)
21. fresh bread, homemade jam, with cute labels
22. cookie in a jar kit with labels (add measuring tools/whisk)
23. pie in a jar with labels (add measuring tools/whisk) (or napkin set)
24. buy set off flip top bottles, make homemade italian soda/simple syrup sodas, etc. give w/ gift tag and flower
25. kid--give homemade velcro wallet and coins, or money
26. toddler--popcicle memory game
27. toddler/baby--felt food
28. toddler--felt play mail kit
29. homemade assortment cookies, candied nuts, caramels, craisins, (could be partly or all store bought items) etc. boxed in kraft box from H.L.
30. handmade cute zipper pouch (plastic lined?) w/ some favorite or homemade makeup/lip gloss
31. teacup candle (homemade) w/ cute match boxes in glass bowl
32. homemade granola w/ cute bowls
33. simplified hot cocoa bar idea (like mom's)
34. sewing kit in a jar
35. any tutorial in a jar--with all supplies and instructions gathered
hot pads
36. buy a toolkit and paint w/ stripes (enamel)
37. try painting wooden spoons w/ stripes (durable) and give as set
38. blank cute recipe card set w/ recipe box
39. "the vegetable box" recipe set
40. covered button earring card
41. yarn wrapped letter
42. homemade bias tape (as part of sewing kit? or part of hot pad kit?)
43. baby--embroidered alphabet wall hanging -- framed or hung
44. homemade vanilla in fliptop bottles w/ label
45. early christmas gift--cute advent calendar
46. general craft kit given in a cute box--vintage muffin tin, old tool box, etc.
47. kid gift--fort kit in a duffle bag
48. spa kit--homemade cosmetics, eye mask, etc.
49. kid gift--tent or tepee
50. baby--handmade stuffed animals
51. kid--homemade flashcard set (alphabet, etc.) using vintage pictures, stenciled letters, cool graphic design idea, etc.
52. families w/ fireplaces: fire starter kit, wood, etc. in homemade carrying case
53. family s'more kit, with wood burned initials on sticks (ashley ann photography)
54. gardening kit w/ homemade bag
55. hot chocolate kit w/ homemade marshmallows
56. kids..growth chart kit
57. anybody...pinata, with candy/small toys for kids, candy/craft supplies, etc. for adults
58. candles in a vintage muffin tin set
59. girl-- homemade pouch w/ back to school supplies
60. flavored salts/spice rub assortment, w/ labels
61. baby gift set--months 1-12 onesies
62. homemade tie and box for men
63. camera strap
64. homemade butter w/ bread
65. baby handprint ornament kit
66. kid: any art supply kit
67. kid: any easy sewing kit (pillowcase, drawstring bag)
68: kid: handmade crayons with notepad
69: kid: quiet book for church
70: kid: outdoor explorer kit
71: kid: science kit
72: party in a box kit
73: initial stamped jewelry
74. washcloths "monogrammed" with words on my sewing machine
75. big birthday idea...send envelopes with days (however many you want to do. 30 for a whole month, 7 for birthday week, 10 for a countdown, 6 for turning 6 yrs, etc.) each envelope has a small suprise...($5 gift card, small piece of jewelry--like covered button earrings, a website to a special playlist for them, or website to a blog entry for them, printed photos, postcard, cute note, stickers, small notebook, recipe for a treat, i'll pick you up at noon today for lunch/ice cream/lemonade--if local-- etc.)
76. scavenger hunt gift: kid--give envelopes around house/neighborhood (depending who it is) adult--give scavenger hunt for around the internet (playlist here, photos here, redeem gift card here, choose item and ship w/ this CC#, etc.)
77. birthday in a box...cake mix with toppers, streamers/garland, birthday hat/bib/other, favorite drink and treats, etc.

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