Thursday, September 1, 2011

laundry list

i'm going to ignore the fact that i have been MIA from the blog for a couple months...and just say that my husband and i have been busy. moving. starting a new job. apartment hunting. car shopping. and another little surprise but i'll save that for later.

back to the moving/apartment thing. we found a place! and we move in about 2 weeks from now. so now i am in full mental-decorating mode.  here are a few of my tentative plans:
sorry, i don't know the link
build hanging shelves like these in the dining room (smaller scale i'm sure)

via pinterest from design sponge sneak peek
stain rather than paint a dresser green

via this sneak peek
i would kill to get a filing cabinet like this..
via hindsvik
build a piece of furniture using hairpin legs
and make this table base for a new kitchen table using the tutorial from frugal farmhouse design...
but we may have to save up a while. these little pipes are pricey. (i have become an expert on galvanized steel plumbing pipes and fittings)

if all goes well today, then i will have a butcher block top for it.

via wit + delight

plant an herb garden right away... possibly a big one on our little patio like this:
sorry again

 have more ideas, but in the spirit of not getting too ahead of myself....i'll leave it at that.

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