Monday, June 6, 2011

projects, plans, promise

projects projects projects.
they are piling up. 
some are for school and some are not.
 (these will not get done immediately because my husband outlawed me from working on non-school projects until the term is over. good advice, because i have been getting so stressed out lately).

here it goes, random thoughts, swatches, etc.

for my next swimsuit project for school,  i'm thinking of doing something pieced like this: 
via anthropolgie
out of these three swimsuit knits:
the stretchy lace one is actually not a swimsuit knit, just a regular knit.  
i'm hoping i can underline it with white swimsuit knit and no one would be the wiser.

i am working on a swimsuit quite a bit like this, only a tankini:
via shabby apple
out of this fabric 
blogged about, and see a bigger swatch here

it is almost done.  just need to finish the straps and tie.
and the bottoms.

i'm doing a blouse, just for fun, like this:
 this pattern is from the 70's..via my grandma.  i've already made a dress out of it.
i'll post another time.

i'm doing it out of this fabric.  i only had one yard, so i'm not sure if this will turn out completely.
i'm really fudging it. 

next up...for my knits class, i'm making this dress. 

it is actually coming along a little wobbly. i'm not sure if i'll even like it ha ha.
i made a size small, and it would still fit me if i gained 100 lbs. 

don't get me wrong, i'm all for style ease, but this just might be excessive.

anyway, here it is:

and here is the fabric i'm using for it:
it is a navy blue knit (it looks darker than it really is here)
and a pleasant contrasting lilac floral knit.

it's on the inside of the pockets and is used for the drawstring.

i bought this pattern to make this skirt (blogged about here)
via madewell

 [i have yet to buy the fabric. because i haven't found that perfect shade of dated light denim yet. but don't worry, i'll track some down.]

and lastly,

this is the fabric for the cardigan i talked about in this post

and this is the fabric i used for the first, most basic swimsuit i made in class.
i got an A!
i will post a picture when i get it back from school.

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