Thursday, June 9, 2011

two things i don't live without.

my smartwater bottle.  i don't actually care about the brand.  i just love this tall, skinny, 34 oz bottle.  i use it for probably a month, and then get a new one.  it is actually probably more like every two months, but that sounds a little gross. 

i find that i drink so much more water when i have a bottle.  also, 
my husband kept stealing my water bottle.  so i got him his own.

now we have his & hers smartwater bottles.

and most importantly, my chapice chapstick.  it is this obscure little chapstick that i find exclusively (not really. it is an oral labs product. but it is not prevalent, i'd know). at my neighborhood kohler's grocery store.  

my husband hates it. but it's one thing i won't budge on.  it is the smoothest, soothing-est feel for me.
i feel calm when i just put it on.  i love these little tiny chapsticks.  i think i am going to have to buy one of those whole plastic fishbowl-looking bowls at the grocery store checkout full of the light blue chapice chapsticks before i move to texas.  

don't mess around with the fruit flavored other colors.  it's only light blue for me.

side note. i just realized this pictured is not actually the 34 oz bottle, but the smaller model.  currently i'm using the 34, which i prefer.

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