Sunday, June 5, 2011


he makes the bed.
she makes the meals.

she has a sewing machine.
he has a work out routine.

he has a protein shake, oatmeal, and grape nuts each morning.
she never knows what she'll have for breakfast.

he does laundry and then hangs it up immediately.
she does laundry and then gets dressed from the baskets for weeks.

she loves thrift and antique stores.
he needs to wash his hands.

she drags him to fabric stores.
he waits in the car.

she sits on the floor to do projects
he only uses a desk

he enjoys the chance to do a job interview
he loves to meet new people

she is intimidated by interviews
she doesn't like to be alone

we try to dance a little each day

we work hard.

we relax at night

we can't wait to have our own place again

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