Tuesday, May 24, 2011

accidental knock-off

it all started about 6 months back.
i found this great gray-and-white-striped knit at hancock's. it was love at first sight so i bought a few yards.  fast forward at least 6 months, and that same fabric was stashed away until i found the right project.

present day.
i started my swimsuits and knits class last month, and decided to use it.  i looked through my patterns suitable for knit fabrics, and found this pattern:
i decided to make this view:
while i was cutting out, i thought i'd like to make the built in "collar" (the fold over band) in a contrasting solid white knit.  so i changed the pattern a little bit and did the contrast.  as i was talking to my TA about my plans for this project, i mentioned that i might do some little tabs on the fold over collar as a cute detail.

then a little lightbulb went off in my head....i have seen this before!!

i went to a file of inspiration pieces i have on my computer.  and look what i found:
my "original" design is shockingly similar to this cardigan that i have loved for a couple years from anthropologie! a shameful knock-off.  but if i'm doing it, i might as well do it right, right? so i did the cuffs and i am just about finished.  the main difference is that mine doesn't have the white trim around the hem and mine has raglan sleeves.

i will post some pictures when it's done.  i am happy with my little accident!

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