Monday, May 23, 2011

stork part II

as is a baby present i made a few months back.  it was so much fun.  my favorite part? cute baby clothes with no character or cutesy saying on it.  i am a little snobby about baby clothes ha ha.
i made a little hoodie, t-shirt, and pants.  they all had the same detailing and striped seersucker accents.
close up of the hoodie

close up of the pants with contrast back pocket.  it was my first time with snap tape, and it turns out it's pretty easy to work with.  i also finished off the hems with the same striped binding so the pant legs can be cuffed and still look cute.
close up of the t-shirt. i just stitched some stripes on for interest.

so there it is.  i love sewing for babies.  i kinda wanted to keep it.  but the mom liked it, so i was happy.

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