Sunday, May 15, 2011

navy + linen

i have been searching aimlessly for probably over a year to find the perfect cropped navy blazer.  i have come to the conclusion that i don't think one exists, ha ha.  just kidding, but not at my price range.  so i realized i should probably just make one.  this thought intimidates me.  but with my advanced patternmaking and construction classes, i actually do know how to.

so this weekend i started the patternmaking and i made a muslin.  i have listed the changes i want to make to the pattern before i make it out of the navy linen/rayon blend i picked out.  i am nervous because sometimes i get so antsy to finish something that i rush. but not today, soldier.  i am going slow on to get the perfect thing, something like:


or this

navy + linen. can't go too wrong, can it?
to be continued...

p.s. doesn't the girl in the top photo look like lynette from desperate housewives (felicity huffman)?? don't tell me you don't watch it.

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