Wednesday, May 4, 2011


i am loving botanical prints in homes these days.  they are the perfect mix of
vintage and current, scientific and feminine.. 

for inspiration, i searched "botanical print" in pinterest. here's some of my favorites:

katie's pinterest via

su's pinterest via

via dominomag

maggie's pinterest via

ellen's pinterest via
one of my favorites

michelle's pinterest via
pansyeye's pinterest via -- another favorite of mine          

a while ago, i painted my own botanical print for our bedroom
using watercolor, gesso, and ink. i tea dyed the water color paper before painting for an aged look.
 i think that part was key.

i painted an old thrift store frame and sanded it a bit.  i backed my print just on some muslin.  
i quite like how it turned out.

i have some more botanical projects in mind for my bedroom.. 
so hopefully they show up here soon.

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