Sunday, May 15, 2011

the secret's out

sometimes i wonder if i'm not a better curator than creator.  
but i definitely enjoy creating things, so that is what i mostly do.  
in this case, the design for mine and my husband's 
double graduation announcement was heavily influenced by 3 sources.  

here is the finished product:

i couldn't decide if i wanted the photo in color or b+w. so i did half and half.

a close up of the text:
first of all, and most obviously, i totally copied this layout 
from seesaw's studio opening invite. 

seesaw is a really great "creative studio" complete with 
blog, letterpress, graphic design, vintage etsy shop...

you probably already know about them but if not, go check them out. now. 

 i cropped the corners of my photos with a rounded "corner chomper". 
i got the idea from this christmas card:

source unknown
and then i added a little "class of 2011" card, which was inspired by this:

source unknown
so now you can see what i mean about the curator thing.  i just pulled ideas from other people's creations....and made my own product.  (of course, this was just for personal use). 
but, i am happy with how it turned out.

in other news, i helped my friend design her wedding announcements 
recently as well.  i can't take any credit for the 
photo or the printing that make my work look nicer...

but i did do the announcement design:
(which was inspired by this)

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