Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my pride and joy

this past fall i was at a nearby antique store with my mom.  on a married student budget, i was not looking for much, maybe a few linens or something small. (that day i did walk out with this old vintage colorblock flag that the owner gave me for FREE! i am saving it for my someday little boy's room)

but then...something caught my eye that kind of made me feel sick:


 i was obsessed. i had seen similar things on ebay and places like 1st dibs for $700-2000, so i automatically assumed it was in the same price range.  i was too scared to find out myself, but i asked my mom to ask the owner (ha ha).  but he quoted her $250.  now, to some of you [camp A], this old cart seems like junk that should be taken to the dump.  but you are wrong.  people like me, [camp B] see this as my kitchen island with a butcher block top, or an amazing shelving unit, or even an entertainment center. and to me, $250 was a steal.

so i went home and talked to my perfect understanding husband [camp A] who helped me find money in our tight budget for this investment.

it sits in our front yard for now, and i smile every time i see it.  we are moving in august to dallas, and it will be one of the few prized possessions we move with.

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